As more people look to a more healthier lifestyle, soya products have risen in popularity of recent times. In particular Soya Chunk and Mince are excellent sources of protein and are generally lower in saturated fat and calories than their meat equivalents. They also contain no cholesterol, no trans fats at all and are good sources of dietary fibre.

Most Soya products are generally Vegetarian and Vegan friendly, thus creating great options for people looking for a more diverse way of eating vegetarian food. As the texture and taste is quite similar to meat, many carnivores have also opted to choose Soya instead, especially if members in their family are vegetarians as they are then all able to enjoy the same meals and not feel as though they have missed out on their proteins.

Using Soya in Indian cooking is a great way to replace the meat content in dishes and still get the same feel of a meaty curry. See below some of the type of dishes you can make using Soya:

Soya Mince:

  • Keema Mutter ( soya mince curry with peas + add spinach, vegetables etc. to create alternative versions using any spice raks curry mixes )
  • Pakoras with a Meaty Twist ( add soya chunks or mince to spice raks pakora mix )
  • Spicy Kebabs ( add soya mince to spice raks kebaburger mix )
  • Koftas ( add soya mince and peas to spice raks garden pea kofta mix )

Soya Chunks:

  • Chicken alternative Curries ( using spice raks curry mixes )
  • Alternative Chicken Tikka Pieces ( using spice raks tandoori tikka mix )
  • Alternative Chicken Pakoras ( using spice raks batterlicious mix )

Try using Soya in Indian cooking today and see how well it can work as a meat alternative. Not only is it better for you but also tastes great. Indian spices are simply a great match for Soya Protein based products!

Article written by Spice Raks Food Team on 14th November 2018