The answer is to this question is quite simple, does anyone know of an Indian dish that is cooked without any spice? Whether the dish is mild or hot it will always have an element of spice to tingle your taste buds. This is what makes Indian cooking so exciting, vibrant and ever so tasty! So yes Indian food is always full of spice and never bland in taste but you can make it mild, medium, hot or extra hot, the choice is yours?

However, most people think of spicy and ‘chilli hot’ in the same way. This is because some cooks simply just add lots and lots of chilli to their cooking in the hope the end product will serve as a spicy dish, where in fact it is just chilli hot!

No real flavours of spice can really be tasted apart from a burning sensation in the mouth, where you have to gulp countless glasses of water to douse the fiery tongue.

A good Indian cook will only ever add ingredients that enhance each other. Real Indian food is a fine balance of flavours which consist of salty, sweet, sour, bitter and hot textures. The right mix of spices with not too much of one spice in particular will always produce a sensational and correctly spiced dish.

However if you do add too much chilli to a dish, there are still ways to reduce the heat. You could stir in coconut milk or yogurt to reduce some of the heat but still leave a mild taste of spice.

This is why at Spice Raks after months of testing our original recipes which would cater for the mass market, we kept going back to the drawing board again and again until we finally created the perfect blended curry packs that will help you create your Curry or Appetiser with the correct heat of Spice that will bring flavoursome food to your table. Our packs are thoughtfully catered for the Mild, Medium and Hotties out there, who can all enjoy mega tasting Indian food with real awesome flavours!

At the end of the day as a cook you are free to experiment with different spices to produce different flavours. After all Spice is the variety of life and adding new Spicy moments is always fun! How spicy you make them is your choice???

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Article written by Spice Raks Food Team on 1st  December 2018