Are you one of those people always rushing around, never having enough minutes in the day to cook time consuming meals? Always looking for that easy recipe to cook or wanting  to open a jar or tin of something ready made? Cooking from scratch is not an option but you still want a dish with more substance where after eating it you feel as though you have still had a satisfying meal?

Look below at some quick curry ideas we have compiled which you can make using tinned products like baked beans, potatoes, kidney beans etc. where no chopping is required! You simply need to follow the instructions to make the Base Sauce for any of our Spice Raks Curry Packs first, then add your tinned product and cook for a few minutes until fully cooked. Seasoning of salt will be required to taste. See below for recipe ideas:

(Please note not all the amount of base sauce will be required once ready as generally tinned products are less than 800g net weight. Please remove accordingly before adding your tinned products. You can store the remainder in the fridge for later use!)

  • Curried Baked Beans
  • Curried Baked Beans with Sausages
  • Curried Spaghetti
  • Bombay Potatoes
  • Mix Vegetable Curry
  • Kidney Beans & Potato Curry
  • Chick Peas & Potato Curry
  • Butter Beans & Potato Curry
  • Spinach & Potato Curry ( saag aloo )
  • Curried Stew
  • Tuna & Sweetcorn Curry
  • Mushroom & Sweetcorn Curry
  • Mackerel in Tomato Sauce Curry
  • Sardines in Tomato Sauce Curry
  • Pilchards in Tomato Sauce Curry

Any tinned products that don’t have an element of tomato sauce in them may require a squeeze of tomato puree. Adding garlic, ginger, green chilli and fresh coriander to any of the dishes will further enhance the flavour but is optional.

If you wish to experiment with any other tinned products, please give them a go and drop us an email to let us know how they worked for you. Please email:

Enjoy Your Jaldi Jaldi Cooking!

Article written by Spice Raks Food Team on 5th December 2018