Do You Want To Make The Change?

We are all from time to time guilty of a cheat day by grabbing food which is of easy convenience to fill that gaping hole in our bellies especially when the last thing you feel like doing after a long hard day at work is COOK!

You know the takeaway food is not going to be the most nutritious or cheapest in any way. However you will still force yourself to take the easy option of picking up the phone or going online to order your favourites like Vegetable Pakora, Chicken Dopiaza and Bombay Potatoes ( just a little extra side number as a treat! ). The love and thought of the spicy sensation of Indian food overwhelms and entices you to place that order quicker than quick. All you have to do now is wait for that door bell to ring. Usually you know it can take up to an hour, so you sit back and crack open that long awaited glass of wine or beer to start relaxing.

The door bell rings and you collect your takeaway from the delivery man, with £20+ less in your pocket now! You open the cartons and tuck into your Indian feast, only realising in your mind whether you had made the right choice about ordering the takeaway as it was okay but not to your expectations, however still better than what you could have cooked at home. You resign yourself to the fact that your local takeaway or supermarket is always going to be your best friend as you are never going to have enough time to learn to cook your favourite curry dishes from scratch.

Sadly the above story is true for many households and a growing fact in the UK!

By joining us at Spice Raks Food Co. we want to show you how you will be able to create the dishes you love in super quick time and save loads of pennies in the process. On average each curry or appetiser portion will work out much cheaper than a takeaway or supermarket. By knowing the ingredients you are cooking with, you will also be creating much healthier dishes for you and your family!

If you currently feel you Can’t Cook and Won’t Cook, please try our mixes as you will be amazed at how simple they are to use. Remember our slogan is ‘ Moreishly Good Cooking ‘

So the simple truth is Takeaway’s or Supermarket meals are much convenient for you but much heavier on the pocket and belly!

Learn to cook and go light with Spice Raks Food Co!

Article written by Spice Raks Food Team on 13th December 2018